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Hello and welcome to Vroom Entertainment Inc. Patrick McCrudden founded this company in 2019. He has collected die-cast cars since he was a young boy. Growing up, his favourite brand of car was Porsche and still is. His first ever diecast car was purchased before he was born by one of his mother’s good friends. Patrick’s mother kept it hidden in a cedar chest until his 16th birthday, once he learned how to appreciate his die-cast car collection and not destroy any of them with a hammer.  His first diecast car purchased before he was born just so happened to be….a Porsche 959 (pictured)! 

Vroom Entertainment exists as a fresh and fun place for all diecast enthusiasts alike to find multiple brands in one space. From Greenlight Collectibles, Hot Wheels & Matchbox to Tomica, Maisto and Majorette among others.

Find your favourite car….only smaller!

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